Three Eco-Friendly Travel Groups

If you are really concerned about taking an eco-conscious vacation, you can start by not taking a gas-guzzling vehicle, plastic water bottles, or constantly using the air conditioner at the hotel. There are actually hotels, tour companies, and travel destinations out there who are specifically focused on eco-consciousness and will enable you to do even more than that. These are countries and organizations who are dedicated benefitting their local natural resources. There are several great travel countries and organizations with a strong eco-conscious bent throughout the world. We note three of them here.


Kenya is currently one of the top international leaders in ecotourism. It helps that it is also a world-class vacation destination, giving you close encounters with exotic animals and the local Maasai tribe at the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Take your family on a top quality African safari while at the same time knowing that you will be doing so in the most eco-friendly way possible. Learn more:


The country of Bhutan is the world’s first carbon-negative one. This is just one of its many initiatives to change the world for the better and has resulted in it being a true inspiration for countries all over the world. The funds received from the tourism of the countries breathtaking temples and monasteries largely goes to economic and conservation efforts by the company.


It is not just countries. There are travel conservation organizations. One of the leading of this kind in the world is WildArk, an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s biodiversity and enabling travels to reconnect to nature. Its primary objective is global in scope. It seeks to protect the biodiversity of endangered areas throughout the world. While doing so, they help the world’s human citizens experience and enjoy all that nature and wildlife have to offer.

WildArk was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, who together with their expert team work to preserve the world’s biodiversity so that future generations may enjoy it. Learn more: