Why Vinod Gupta Is A Successful Business Person

Success in business is something that is recognized and celebrated. It is worth the celebration because many have tried and failed. Still, many are waiting to start their businesses with fear of failing. Everest Group CEO Vinod Gupta is known for being a perfect example of an individual with the true entrepreneurship spirit. When he decided to start his business, he never waited for anything. He walked to a bank borrowed $100 and set to begin his dream. Years later, the company has an estimated worth of $680 million.


When he was starting his business, he didn’t have everyone around him cheering him and encouraging him to go for his goal. On the contrary, Vinod Gupta had many discouraging him telling him no one needed the products and services he wanted to supply. He believed in his research and went for it.


Many factors have contributed to the success of Vinod Gupta. One of them is his ability to focus on the essential aspects of his business. He says that he concentrates on planning for the future of Everest Group. His employees handle the other small daily activities that are less complex.


The one thing that has boosted him and made a difference in his career is market testing. He explains that many investors underestimate the role of market testing when introducing a new commodity or idea in the market. He advises the young business people to ensure that they test their market before plunging in and investing a substantial part of their money. He expounds saying that business people often fail because they ignore the market testing and later find out that they do not have the market for the goods. Visit This Page for more information about his in-depth interview with Interview.net.


Besides being a successful Indian Born American Investor, Vinod Gupta is a philanthropist. He has established a girl school with all the equipment needed to facilitate the empowerment of Indian girls through education.



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