Barbara Stokes – Leader in Disaster Relief for Communities Nationwide

Barbara Stokes, Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH), a leading company in the construction industry that focuses on disaster relief. Stokes and her team have been frequently featured in the Huntsville Patch for the impact they have made in both the Alabama community as well as across the nation. GSH is based in Alabama and services temporary commercial and residential homes to all of North America. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes earned a Biomedical Engineering and Physics Degree in 2001 from Mercer University. Before GSH, Stokes had gained government contracting experience at Pisces Corporation and Boeing and strong advocate for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Government.

Since it’s conception, the company has focused on the private sector and FEMA. GSH’s mission is to provide an option for secure, permanent housing through innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing techniques. The company has worked on a variety of properties for school campuses, military projects, and residential developments.


GSH’s design and engineering team are all in-house in which they collaborate from conception to implementation of each idea for assigned projects. The expertise of planning, foundation, development, installation, and inspection of commercial and residential structure spans across 30 years. Stokers and her team strive for continuous improvement within their work to provide the most efficient, durable, commutable and safe environment for their consumers. Their strive for continuous improvement was exemplified from lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina when Hurricane Harvey had hit in August 2017.

Barbara Stokes manages her time between Green Structure Homes with actively volunteering within the Huntsville, Alabama community as well as being a mother to three children. Read more about Barbara Stokes at