Medical Industry and Technology-Jorge Moll

The health and medical industry in Brazil has been expanding and putting more effort to reach the level of medical sector in Europe and Northern America. Jorge Moll is a medical expert and a cardiologist. Mr. Moll is also a successful entrepreneur who is based in Brazil ( Over the years he has been in the forefront of improving the medical sector in Brazil through innovations. Jorge Moll is the founder of D’Or Group; the organization has been responsible for bringing positive change in Brazil. D’Or was established in 1977 and it began as a diagnostic imaging laboratory which would later expand to be one of the largest hospitals in the country.

Mr. Jorge is determined to bring change in Brazil through his medical facilities which have grown to over 30 Hospitals in Brazil. For effective change, Moll knows that he has to work hand in hand with other medical experts, and he has done this in connection with a medical professional in Northern America, and Europe. The doctors have given Dr. Moll an opportunity to experience technology in the medical sector. Through research and innovations, Jorge Moll has brought a whole new change in the health sector in Brazil. With the advancement in technology, smartphones have changed the operations in D’Or Group Hospitals as patients can now access their physical records and talk to their physicians through the available online platforms.

Recently Jorge Moll took another big step in the medical field by creating yet another medical facility; Copa Star Medical Facility. Copa Star is a unique medical institution in Brazil, and it does not only bring changes in the medical technology but it also comes with luxury in the sector ( Jorge is not only a cardiologist but he is also a business person and a motivational speaker. He continues to speak to people on issues regarding the health sector. In his talks, he puts more emphasis on resources available and further says that limited resources cause low-quality services. Jorge Moll is passionate about the medical industry and continues to support the integration of the latest technology in the industry. Mr. Jorge is the President of D’Or Institute for Research and Education.