Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Taking on the Giant in Online Apparel

Everyone knows that Amazon has been the giant when it comes to sales of apparel online. Even though there are thousands of different retailers scratching and clawing in this space, none ever get close enough to Amazon to give them a real reason to be concerned. In fact, Looking at the sales numbers for the past few years, Amazon is bringing down around 20 percent of the total sales in this extremely challenging and competitive niche. Now that being said, maybe Kate Hudson’s Fabletics didn’t get that memo because in a little over three years this women’s workout apparel retailer is selling in excess of $250 million in that time.


When Hudson was asked to talk about the success of her company in this wild fashion e-commerce market, her answer surprised just about everyone working in this space. Hudson gives credit for the boom of her athleisure brand to a few components like membership benefits and her sales process that makes use of reverse showrooming. These aren’t anything new to this industry, part of the reason so many are scratching their heads as to what Hudson is doing to make these simple techniques so effective. Look inside the Fabletics store in your local mall, shoppers are doing more window shopping then buying.


Window shopping and trying on workout apparel in the retail stores is actually part of the winning formula of the company. Each time a customer is inside the store and has already applied for their free membership, they try on clothing that will be uploaded to their online accounts immediately. They can now leave the retail store because they know they can just go online later and pick up the shopping where they stopped. Knowing the sizes that fit means these shoppers are scanning the online inventory for fun color or exciting styles they can show off at the gym this weekend.


Hudson’s Fabletics is all about giving these female customer more than they could ever expect. These perks include discounts on all the merchandise both online and in the malls, free shipping for any online purchase, and help from a Fabletics personal shopper. This formula has certainly gotten the attention of customers who want more than just a Prime membership at Amazon that costs $80 and only rewards them with a discount on shipping. At the rate Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is growing, they may be the new giant in the industry in no time at all.