Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Success


Richard Liu Qiangdong started over ten years ago. He is the CEO of this company which is the largest online retailer in China currently. Richard Liu has come a long way from where he first started in business in 1998.

Richard Liu grew up poor with his family, and they owned a small business.

This was his introduction to the business world. During his college years to make more money for his low-income family, he opened up a restaurant in Beijing. Unfortunately, due to him not being able to spend enough time there, the restaurant failed.

In spite of the failure, Richard Liu did not allow the setback to slow him down. He opened up one retail store and only sold computer accessories called Jingdong Mall. Jingdong ended up doing very well, and he was able to open another 11 stores eventually.

As SARS took over the news and spotlight of China during this time, he conducted meetings with his managers trying to find a way to survive during this severe time. Liu made sure all of his employees were at home, and the managers were the only ones in the stores during the virus outbreak. The idea to continually sell his products with easier access, even during an epidemic, is where the thought of selling online came from. Visit This Page for additional information.

For the next two years, Richard Liu and his staff kept track of the numbers and watched how logistics, customer satisfaction, and efficiency made a more significant profit by stretching the business market from brick and mortar stores as well to an online market. They continued to sell IT products, but they eventually added cell phones and computers. As the company grew, they were able to add a different product every year, propelling as a contender for one of the largest businesses.

Richard Liu states that his business became so effective because they did not sell counterfeit items, they kept detailed receipts for themselves and the customers and there was a better experience overall for the customer. Today the company is worth over $60 billion and employs more than 167,000.





The Success Story of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian Investor born in 1947 in Curitiba Brazil. He later studied Engineering in the most competitive Federal University of Parana, the only school offering Engineering in the whole of Santa Catering and Parana states. He studied Engineering for two years and later changed to economics at the same university. After finishing his studies in 1970, he joined an investment bank.

Igor portfolio rose in 1974 to the board of directors. He rose again to the position of Chief Executive Officer after two years. Igor Cornelsen later joined the Brazilian Unibanco which was a leading corporation in Brazil. He worked with this organization from1978 to 1985. Igor then joined the Libra bank PLC, a London Merchant bank. Igor was paid so well thus creating a different investment opportunity. He served in this bank for sometimes before agreeing with his associates to leave Libra bank to join the starboard chartered Merchant Bank. Igor Worked in this bank as a member of a director’s board member and also as a delegate in brazil Country. It was not until 1995 when he began to work on his firm. He founded the Bainbridge Group Inc. He uses the firm for all transactions on the real estate investment.

His firm majors in advising managers on the safe ways of sourcing for information. He also discovered that there is an excellent gain in reading information on investment and avoiding working on other’s opinions. Igor advises that one of the best ways of gathering information is through the realtors. He plays a vital role in making managers understand the importance of having the right investment information. His experience as an investment banker helped him to gain a rich understanding of managing stock exchange funds. Igor spends most of his time gathering information from the developing economy in different countries. That helps him in developing his business ideas. He also spends like following the international news which allows him in updating his fund’s portfolio.

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National Steel Car Lands New Contracts Under The Management Of Gregory Aziz


National Steel Car has landed an order for the production of a new grain hopper car. This new rail car is going to be lighter and shorter than previous cars. It will also allow for farmers to be able to ship up to 10% more in each car. With the new cars in production, the older model cars will begin to phase out completely. Prior to the order of the cars, the average of fleet cars ranged at over 30 years on the rail.

Gregory Aziz is the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. It has been under his direction that large orders have been in the works for the rail manufacturer. With the new production under way for over 1000 initial grain hopper cars to be made, the overall order will compromise of close to 6000 rail cars. That is just the order for the grain hopper cars.

Greg James Aziz has been hard at work to keep the company in high standings and living up to its expectations. The company has carried a reputation for delivering their rail cars on time and with high quality behind them. With the help of Greg Aziz, the company has been able to bring home the TTX SECO award for over a decade.

Along with the order for the grain hopper cars, Greg James Aziz has been able to also land a contract for the production of more than 300 lumber cars. With the growing demand of lumber, there is a higher need of cars to carry the lumber to yards and customers. These rail cars will also join a fleet of newly leased locomotives.

National Steel Car will require more employees to work out of the Hamilton assembly plant with these new orders being placed. It will allow for the economy to grow and overall help with the number of people who are unemployed. The order does not just put people to work in the assembly plant but also for the rail line itself. There will be new positions open at the rail yards and those who will work for the rail line. View Related Info Here.

Overall, with the new bill being passed that has allowed for rail transportation to be modernized, there is a high demand for new rail cars to be made. With National Steel Car being the largest manufacturer across the country, they will keep busy working to release the rail cars in a timely manner to keep up with the deadlines set out in the contracts.

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Robert Ivy and his amazing accomplishments

Trade associations are always concerned with their members. The members of these bodies gain a lot of benefits like networking with other professionals who are experienced in the field. When it comes to political lobbying, these organizations ensure they make efforts to sway the decisions of policymakers for their members to gain benefits. According to the CEO and vice president of the American Institute of Architects, there are few architects, but they work together to have a strong voice. Their organization has advocated for tax legislation.

Robert Ivy is a professional who has come from a humble beginning. After he graduated from Tulane University, he worked hard, and he has today achieved amazing things. He is admired by his colleagues and upcoming architects for the many things he has accomplished in the field. After working for several firms to gain experience, he has today serving at the American Institute of Architects because he is experienced. It is a coveted position that is given to those who have a track record that is proven like that of Robert Ivy. Robert also has the experience of working for Architectural Record. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

At Architectural Record, he managed to help the company to become successful in many ways. He led various publications, and he has received multiple recognitions for his outstanding work. One of the best achievements for Robert Ivy is receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award whereby he was recognized for his advocacy of architecture in the society. He was happy for being known for his outstanding work. Apart from being recognized by MIAL to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, he was the first architect to win the award. He was happy with these achievements and thanked all the members of AIA for helping him to reach the society and show the importance of architecture in the community.

Those who talked of Robert Ivy during the award said that Ivy has been exceptional in his work. He is one of the best modern architects around and deserved the recognition. He has managed to bring out the artistic side of the architect and is also the native of Mississippi, and that is why he qualified for the award. Other notable individuals like Morgan Freeman have also received the award in the past.

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Gregory J Aziz CEO, National Steel Car

Founded in 1912 by several financiers led by John Morison Gibson, National Steel Car is the largest manufacturer of vehicles that move on the railway (rolling stock) in Canada. It is owned by National Industries Incorporation and is located in Hamilton, Ontario.


Since its inception, business was booming until it suffered some set back in the 1930’s mostly because it could not keep up with its competitors when it came to new ideas. At some point, they began producing motor trucks and bus bodies. World War two came as a relief as it renewed business for them and since then it has been doing well.


Gregory James Aziz the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car was born in 1949 in Ontario. He attended Ridley College before joining University of Western Ontario where he acquired a bachelors in Economics. He joined the family business, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. He helped grow the business significantly making it one of the largest importer of fresh farm produce.


He worked in the banking business for several years before successful buying the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Aziz’s objective was to restore the lost glory of the company and under his transformational leadership, he was able to increase its productivity from approximately 3500 vehicles annually to about 1200 vehicles by end of 1999. The number of staff also increased considerably during that period.

Greg Aziz emphasis on the company’s strong engineering capabilities, team building and relentless pursuit for excellence has consistently placed the company on the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee highest quality award list, a title they have held since 1996.


Today, it leads the rolling stock industry in new innovations besides manufacturing thousands of cargo railroad cars annually.

The company has several activities it is involved in a bind to give back to the Hamilton society. It gives financial donations to Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army just to mention but a few. Every end year during Christmas the company organizes a party for its employees and their families. The works also take part in gathering food stores for the local food banks. See This Page for additional information.

Together with his wife Irene, they are proud partners of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, an annual exhibition in Toronto that takes place for over two weeks in the fall of November and has Queen Elizabeth as its Patron.



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Why Vinod Gupta Is A Successful Business Person

Success in business is something that is recognized and celebrated. It is worth the celebration because many have tried and failed. Still, many are waiting to start their businesses with fear of failing. Everest Group CEO Vinod Gupta is known for being a perfect example of an individual with the true entrepreneurship spirit. When he decided to start his business, he never waited for anything. He walked to a bank borrowed $100 and set to begin his dream. Years later, the company has an estimated worth of $680 million.


When he was starting his business, he didn’t have everyone around him cheering him and encouraging him to go for his goal. On the contrary, Vinod Gupta had many discouraging him telling him no one needed the products and services he wanted to supply. He believed in his research and went for it.


Many factors have contributed to the success of Vinod Gupta. One of them is his ability to focus on the essential aspects of his business. He says that he concentrates on planning for the future of Everest Group. His employees handle the other small daily activities that are less complex.


The one thing that has boosted him and made a difference in his career is market testing. He explains that many investors underestimate the role of market testing when introducing a new commodity or idea in the market. He advises the young business people to ensure that they test their market before plunging in and investing a substantial part of their money. He expounds saying that business people often fail because they ignore the market testing and later find out that they do not have the market for the goods. Visit This Page for more information about his in-depth interview with


Besides being a successful Indian Born American Investor, Vinod Gupta is a philanthropist. He has established a girl school with all the equipment needed to facilitate the empowerment of Indian girls through education.



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National Steel Car Glitters Again Under The Management Of Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is one of the most successful businessmen in the world, owning and successfully running the most reputable rail freight car manufacturing company in the whole of North America. Throughout his life, James Aziz has been characterized by success and hard work that has resulted in the great achievements that he has realized in his career life. Starting from the educational background in the elementary school where he was a notable innovative character, fond of experimenting and testing the outcomes of different situations in life. He went to Ridley College where he pursued his undergraduate degree before he joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored his education in economics.

Before he started his career in employment, Gregory Aziz went to his family’s business which he started running its day to day operations. The business was a wholesale grocery shop that dealt with the selling of fresh foods to the people of Ontario. When he took over, his ambitions to grow big motivated Greg Aziz to catapult the operations of the business to grow it into a mega business. Within the 16 years that he managed the business, he turned it into the largest importer of fresh foods in the United States, importing farm products from the South and Central America, and also from Europe. They would later distribute the products to the entire USA and also some parts of Canada.


Later, Greg Aziz joined the corporate world where he got employed in four of the largest banking organizations in the US. He used this opportunity to secure some funds which he intended to start his own business. The reason he had such a thought was that he had greater dreams which he felt that it would be impossible to achieve if he remained in his employment career. After brainstorming for quite a while, he noticed National Steel Car, an organization that was once reputable for its massive car manufacturing; but that time the company was on the brink of collapsing. His optimism showed him the possibility of transforming the distressed company to restore its glory.

With his view of the situations, Greg J Aziz made up his mind and purchased National Steel Car, at its worst. This was in 1994. Gregory invested heavily in staffing the company with professional engineers with the aim of improving the engineering abilities of the company. Today, National Steel Car leads the world manufacturing industry in the production of top-shelf quality railroad cars that offer maximum utility to the end users.


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Louis Chenevert Career in Aerospace

Louis Chenevert has had an exciting career. He started working in the automobile industry after graduating from college. He did not have a clear plan for his career, but he enjoyed manufacturing. He worked at General Motors for over a decade. During his time at the company, he focused on adding value to the company in various ways. He earned multiple promotions, and he eventually became a manager.

Although Louis enjoyed working at General Motors, he noticed that his career growth began to stall. He decided to explore other opportunities in the industry. After changing companies a few times, he finally became an executive at United Technology Corporation. At the time, the company was developing an aerospace department. Although Louis had no direct experience in that area, he did know a ton of information about the production of cars.

Lowering Expenses

In his first role with United Technology Corporation, Louis wanted to lower expenses during the production process as much as possible. Manufacturing companies struggle to reduce costs for various reasons. When expenses are lowered, profits increase substantially. Higher profits translate into additional opportunities for the company in the future. Louis did an excellent job revamping the entire production process at United Technology Corporation. He focused on making various changes to the process, and he eliminated waste as well.

Becoming CEO

Several years ago, Louis received the opportunity to become CEO of the company. He never dreamed that would become CEO of a major company during his career. He is now one of the most prominent business leaders in Canada. During his time as CEO, he made a ton of changes to the company. Most of the changes were positive and produced solid financial results. Although Louis is no longer the CEO of the company, he is excited about the future. He has numerous plans to influence others and make a positive impact in Canada.

The Story Of How Gregory Aziz Came To Own National Steel Car

How does a London, Ontario born Canadian go from running a successful fresh foods import/export business that his family owns to running and revitalizing the biggest railway car manufacturer in North America? Well, this is the story of how Greg Aziz became the face of the railroads. How one man took a company from its ashes and rose it back into a Goliath in the railcar industry.


Gregory J Aziz was born and raised in London, Ontario. The proud Canadian man went on to get his degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. After leaving college, and a bit of self-reflecting, Greg Aziz decided to join his family business. His family owned Affiliated Foods; a food company that acted as a major provider of fresh foods around Canada. A few years after his joining, Greg was able to transform the family business into multinational fresh food giant. Greg was shipping product to the United States and Canada and getting product from South America and Europe. This wild success didn’t change Greg, however. He had always had his mind set on something else. As good as he was at running the grocery business, it never really fully satisfied him.


1His real dream was to resurrect the once great Canadian railcar producer National Steel Car. With that goal in mind, Greg set out to work with banking institutions and investment centers in the late 80s to early 90s. After diligence and due time, Greg was able to secure the funds available to make a move on National Steel Car. In 1994, Greg purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco, the owner at the time. When Greg bought the company it was a shadow of its former self. The company was producing a modest 3,500 railcars yearly, a far cry from its early successes.


By 1999, a mere 5 years after Greg took the business over, National Steel Car was producing an astonishing 12,000 railcars and had nearly quadrupled their base employee count. National Steel Car is now the number one manufacturer of railway cars in North America and Canada. Greg’s dream to rebuild the once proud Canadian company has been a wildly successful venture. Greg Aziz went from working for a small grocery chain to transforming that small chain into a multinational business, to owning a failing railcar company, to having the biggest railcar company in North America. If that isn’t a drive to succeed, I don’t know what is. Get More Information Here.

Under Greg Aziz’s senior leadership as President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car, Aziz Has Helped His Company Become One Of The Best-In-Class In North America

When it comes to being considered one of the best-in-class railcar engineering and manufacturing company in North America, Greg Aziz and National Steel Car are examples of success. Greg Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car, a leading railroad freight and tank car maker, located in Hamilton, Ontario.

From the start, Greg Aziz got an exposure to business very early in life. After his school day was over, Greg Aziz would work for his family-owned-and-operated business, Affiliated Foods. Aziz witnessed his family’s business grow to become a global distributor of fresh foods, with imports from South America, Central America, and Europe.

The crucial experience and knowledge that Greg Aziz gained by working for the family business, helped prepare him for a future career in finance and executive corporate leadership. Over a span of ten years, Greg Aziz worked for many finance companies in New York. By using the knowledge, experience, and business connections that he built while working in the financial world, it helped Aziz land a deal to purchase National Steel Car from the previous owner, Dofasco. By purchasing National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco, Greg Aziz became its new CEO. And as Chairman, President, and CEO, Greg Aziz, has made some instrumental changes over the years; some of which have resulted in National Steel Car earning many impressive awards, and plenty of admiration.

Additionally, National Steel Car has won the TTX SECO award over consecutive years and is the only railcar company in North America to be certified ISO 9001:2015. The TTX SECO award is given to companies that meet high levels of excellence in the areas of railcar engineering and manufacturing. See This Page for related information.


Under Aziz’s tutelage, National Steel Car makes over 12,000 freight cars, yearly. Prior to Aziz purchasing National Steel Car, the company was only engineering and manufacturing 3,500 cars on an annual basis. Greg Aziz’s goal was to create a corporate environment where team-building and maximizing technology would spur new design and railcar manufacturing methods.


In regard to philanthropy, Greg Aziz and his wife, Irene, have supported the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, an event that takes place in Canada, annually. Greg Aziz is also responsible for National Steel Car’s philanthropic endeavors. His company has provided support to the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army.


National Steel Car, which has been in business since 1912, employs approximately 3,000 staffers.