Entrepreneurship tips with Joel Friant

Different business persons are inspired by different events in their life to begin their ventures. For the Habanero Shaker owner, Joel Friant, he was inspired by his love of the Habanero Chile Pepper. He says that he realized that there was no Habanero Shaker in the market that was pure; most of them were either mixed with cheap spices or salt. He wanted people to experience the real thing. Fortunately, like any other field he has ventured, the Habanero Shaker has been a success.

Joel Friant says that although people have described the Habanero Shaker as ‘’notorious’’ for its hotness, it’s not as hot when in its dry format.

Here are some factors that have rendered him a successful entrepreneur;

Writing down His Ideas

Writing constitutes a large part of Friant’s life. He believes that writing down boosts his productivity. How? By writing down stuff, he empties his brain and gives it a chance to process new ideas. It also ensures that he doesn’t struggle to remember stuff which may cause fatigue.

Joel Friant Learns from His Mistakes

Joel Friant says that as a young business person he never had faith in himself. As a result, he acquainted himself with wrong people because he felt they were better than him. After zero results, he decided to stand up for himself and take risks and make personal choices. He finally began seeing results.

Learning from the Right People

Joel Friant says that life lessons begin after school. When developing his business, he was keen on the people he took advice from, for in his career. Joel says that he never took classes from people who were teaching to earn. Instead, he sought knowledge from people who were teaching what they were doing.

Joel Friant’s Advice to Young Investors

Success is all in our mind. It is our attitude that determines the results that we get. If we continuously keep sending negative information to our brain, they go and find ‘’like’’ informs and combine giving massive negative results; the vice versa is true.

This explains why you have to be a positive thinker to attract positive thinkers in your life.

If he were to change one thing in his past, Joel Friant would realize this sooner.