Robert Thikoll Knows How To Be A Leader

When he was asked about a regret that he has in regard to the way that he has lived out his life, Robert Thikoll shared that he wishes that his younger self would have pushed to the top without hurting others along the way. He is old enough now to realize that a person can be successful without pushing others down. Robert Thikoll shared about himself in an interview, and one of the things that people can learn from what was shared is the way that this man believes in planning everything out. Robert Thikoll is the good leader that he is today because he takes time to plan out the things that he does before he does them.

Robert Thikoll is the Vice President of Operational Excellence for Ingersoll Rand. The job that he has requires him to be a leader, and he does a good job of leading others. He is someone who was born to be a leader. He knows how to get others to work in a way that will help the company that they are working for be successful.

There are some people who have received an education that has led them to get the job that they have and to be successful at that job. There are others who have an education that does not fit with the job that they are working but that is still an important part of who they are. Robert Thikoll has dual bachelor’s degrees. He has studied both politics and Japanese during his time in college.

Robert Thikoll is someone who works hard. He has an ambition for the work that he does, and he uses the ambition that he has to help him be a successful leader.

Avatrade: The Partner You Need In The Trading World

With the market becoming more and more uncertain with talks of a bubble forming, many investors from hedge fund managers to people saving money for retirement is asking what exactly will happen to the market. As we all know, no one can really give a 100 percent prediction of what a market index will do or what a stock will do. One thing every investor can do to make sure that they have the best edge to make a profit is to make sure that they are trading on the best platform. This is where another question pops up: What is the best platform? How can I know I am trading with the best? There is one simple answer to this question: Avatrade. This company has been slowly but surely becoming one of the biggest faces of trading around the world. They are well known and respected by more and more big-name investors becoming their clients. With Avatrade, you know you are always working with professionals.

Avatrade provides everything an investor would want on a trading platform. They provide Forex, CFDs, great support, and different levels of trading each with its own perks. When there is a problem, especially when it involves your hard earned money, every investor will be glad to know that with Avvatrade they are a simple phone call away from support. Depending on your size of deposit and balance you can gain access to great perks such as bonuses, more leverage, and a one on one trading professional that you can contact to get advice from. This is key especially in today’s digital age where information can really make the difference in if you make money in a stock or you lose money.

With Avatrade, you can be sure that you are trading with one of the most respected companies in the forex industry. They plan on becoming the premier place in the forex industry to trade with. Putting your money in an investment can be complicated and risky. No one wants to lose their hard earned money. Avatrade gives every investor the best edge to make money in the forex industry.

Investing in Oxford Club towards Achieving the Best

Oxford Club is a private network that serves globally. It comprises successful investors and great entrepreneurs. The organization has so far won the market in the current world through the robust strategies and principles they undertake in their operations. Members of the club enjoy the terms, conditions and most importantly the benefits they acquire over the actions. The primary objective of this organization is to aid in creating long-lasting wealth for the members. The firm has educated many on how to invest and merits that follow when one spends. Though embarking on funding is so much tricky and hard at starting, joining the Oxford club is a paramount decision one could ever take in life.

Oxford’s Club director, Alexander Green is the author of newsletters and books concerning investments. This individual has many years of experience on this crucial but successful field of investing. When one signs up to be officially a member of this company, he/she is given a report on the business opportunities one is likely to encounter and invest in. The firm provides dedicated members chance of investing in more prominent organizations such as gold mines, successful pharmaceuticals, oil companies and so much more.

Two newsletters are monthly offered to every investor. The reason for this is to keep them well informed of the opportunities that are available throughout the year. This makes it easy for these investors since all they have to do is just to invest since all the other information is entirely offered to them. Automatic renewal of every member is occasionally carried out. The reason for this practice is for the investor who is unwilling to continue working under Oxford Club can get his/her name cancelled in advance. Though successful individuals surround the organization, all operations carried out are still keenly looked at to ensure cost effectiveness factor is put into a more significant consideration.

These investors advice each other on the way forward and on some critical issues such as buying and selling of shares. It is essential for investors with no place to stand with and work to come and join Oxford Club and never regret ever.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Wide Range of Products For Your Building

Knowing Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry offers a wide range of well-made cabinets. The products are often added to the remodeled offices, bathrooms, and kitchens. The company offers a variety of attractive products that can nearly fit in any building. In the provision of its services, the company prioritizes customization, durability, and quality. The prices that are charged to the customers are also considered.

When it comes to production, Siteline Cabinetry does not own or high any warehouse. The company will attend to the product immediately upon receiving the order. It employs material like veneer, solid wood and particle wood. Customers specify the kind of the product they require and the outlook.


Concerning customization, customers have 289 dissimilar varnish and materials to choose from. The available finishing choices include laminates, stains, and wraps among others. According to statistics of the company founder, Mr. Pat Corsi, 7 out of 10 clients request for paint. Of late, white kitchen has been gaining popularity.

Siteline Cabinetry optimizes quality and expediency production by the use of the latest fabricating equipment. The machines that are used include WeekeVantech router, Balestrini miter saw among others. Clients also get the benefits of a complete computerized design as well as the ordering system.


The productions of the company products take place in America. It has an assembling plant in Keysville for a number of reasons. Some of them are that the place has several employees who know how to run machines, its close proximity to cabinet dealers and suppliers.

More about Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline cabinetry was launched in 2015, but its parent company has been there before this period. It is a branch of Corsi Group. Pat Corsi began the company in 1973 from the funds he obtained from a loan. The company has now grown to employ 200 employees in three locations.

Corsi Group is completely a changed company of what it used to be 3 years down the line. According to the CEO, he said that they have improved their ability to truly deal with the wide range of customization for the clients.

Meet the Railroad King, Gregory Aziz

When you think of innovation, who else could come to your mind but CEO of the company National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz. He also goes by his middle name James Aziz, or Greg Aziz. This company focuses on building railroad freight cars. Who said that the railroad is dead? It is a booming industry thanks to this man. He is married to his beautiful wife, Irene who assists him in his sponsorship of the Royal Agricultural Fair in Canada. They truly are a power couple in Canada.


Early Life


Gregory J Aziz came from London originally before moving to Canada. He was born in 1949 and went to Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Oddly enough his family is in the wholesale food business with a company named Affiliated Foods. In 1971 he started working with them. They grew to become a worldwide company, all the way from Europe to the South American area. They mostly deliver to The U.S. and Canada.



Keeping the Railroad Industry Alive


Gregory J Aziz has kept his company actively running for eighteen years straight. They have won the TTX SECO award for highest quality since the year 1996. The company is known for its extensive reputation in being generous to multiple charities. Some of these are;


  • Salvation Army
  • The United Way
  • Hamilton Opera
  • Theater Aquarius


His employees are also happy as they have the National Steel Car Christmas Party each year that assists local food pantries in the area of Hamilton, Ontario.

Refer to This Site for more information about Aziz and National Steel Car.



Starting His Own Business


After working in the family business, Greg James Aziz, moved to the glorious city of New York and became an investment banker. This enhanced Aziz’s knowledge how to successfully run a business. He did this from the later portion of the 1980’s to the early 1990’s. He bought National Steel Car back in 1994. Aziz’s dreams became a reality and he created both Canada and the United States most successful freight car building company. Gregory J Aziz did such a fantastic job running the company, that when he purchased it, they could only make 3,500 cars per year. By 1999 they could produce 12,000. He also created 2400 new jobs since the takeover. They initially were a smaller company with only around 600 people working for them. Gregory J Aziz truly is an entrepreneur to be admired.

Gregory Aziz Restoring the Century-Old Business National Steel Car

Mr. Gregory James Aziz has been the owner of the Canadian company National Steel Car for more than 24 years now. It had been a plan of his to acquire the company and establish it back to its former success in the industry or rolling stock manufacturing.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz is working as the Chairman, President, and Chief executive officer of the corporation. National Steel Car is a Canadian freight car manufacturer based in Hamilton, Ontario and it has been in the business for 104 years and counting. National Steel Car was established in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car. Having been in business for such a long time, the National Steel Car had experienced many highs and lows over the decades.


When Mr. Greg James Aziz acquired the National Steel Car, the company was nothing like it used to be. Its resources had dwindled down to only a few hundred employees, and it was able to produce only a few thousand freight cars per year.


The company of the National Steel Car used to be under the ownership of a large corporation called Dofasco. Even though the company tried to restore National Steel Car, but its efforts were nowhere near enough. National Steel Car used to be a leader in its line of work, but it had fallen behind severely many years ago. In 1994 Dofasco had utterly given up on working on the revival of the century-old business and sold it to Mr. Greg James Aziz.


With 600 employees and an annual manufacture capacity of only 3 500 cars, National Steel Car was not receiving many orders. The company needed a restructuring from the ground up as cosmetic changes were not going to cut it.

Mr. Greg James Aziz started to revive the National Steel Car by making the name popular again. The company gain presence and better advertisement. Once things had started picking up once again to some extent, Mr. Greg James Aziz directed the capital towards expansion. The capacity of annual production increased and after five years of ownership it the company could produce 12 000 cars per year instead of only 3 500. The employees also grew from 600 to 3 000 in the same period. Get More Info Here.


These days the business of National Steel Car is booming again. Being under the ownership of Mr. Greg Aziz proved to be just what the National Steel Car needed in order to be a leader in its line of work once more. The company even started exporting its production.


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Jeremy Goldstein explains why you should consider knockout as an employer

When it comes to employees’ benefits and compensation, the options are limited by IRS regulations and the remaining options such as stock option must be thoroughly understood to prevent losses to the firm. A while ago, companies were dishing out stock options to employees, but today this trend has changed. Companies claim that the option is no longer practical because;


Many firms consider the options an accounting burden. The cost of keeping records of how the stock options differ with time surpasses the benefit enjoyed by the company. Secondly, employees prefer an increase in salary as compared to the stock option. To them, having stocks is like gambling in a casino. Losses are inevitable. Lastly, the value of the stocks may fall significantly such that employees end up with nothing.


Although the stock compensation option has several disadvantages, there are some benefits that a firm could enjoy if the option is efficiently managed. A company has an easy time providing stock options to employees because IRS has made it very difficult for companies to offer alternative compensations such as equities. With stocks, the employees work hard to put the company in a better financial position because a company’s profit translates to better benefit to them. Furthermore, the stock option is easy to understand and sell to your employees.


To enjoy the benefits mentioned above, a firm must employ a strategy known as knockout strategy. With this, the company can reduce overhang expenses and accounting costs associated with options. Knock out allows employees to own the options but lose them when the value of the stock falls below half. Due to the fluctuating nature of options, an employee loses the options once the price has remained below half of the buying price for a whole week.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, such a strategy makes the staff more motivated to ensure that the stock value does not fall below the minimum allowed limited. The non-employees shareholders do not face overhang threats, and the company’s capital can be reflected accurately because there is reduced executive compensation per year. While applying knockout, it is essential to let the auditing department know the changes employees will face.


Jeremy Goldstein has a vast knowledge of business law. He has practiced for more than 15 years as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and later opened his law firm the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC in New York.


Jeremy Goldstein worked as an associate at Shearman & Sterling LLP for one year after graduating from New York University School of law in 1999. He has worked with distinguished clients such as Chevron, Bank One and Duke Energy among others.


Read to learn more.


Lime Crime Owner Doe Deere Works Hard To Bring In Sales

Are you a lover of color? Do you want bold, stylish new hair? Do you want a brand of cosmetic that is jam packed with colors, shades of lip gloss that you normally would not see and shimmer like you are genie?


If you answered yes to any of these things, Lime Crime is the brand for you to trust. The brand is made by not harming any animals during the process but strives to be the brand that everyone loves. If you are looking for a brand of cosmetic that is going to make you feel good about yourself while trying to let you stand out, Lime Crime will be the best choice to use.


Early on, Doe found herself playing around with makeup, clothes and accessories. When she was 9 years old, Doe held a slumber party for her friends. It was then that she started to play around with the different makeups and clothes to create her own look. It didn’t matter to her that she looked crazy, she just wanted to be original.


When it comes to the name, Doe talks about starting her first ebay store and needing a name. She picked the Lime Crime name because her favorite color is bright green and she wanted something that was completely original. Learn more:


The internet is a vast population of stores, brands, companies and more. When you are trying to stick out in a world where everyone seems to look the same, standing out could be a bad thing but Doe embraced the world as her own.


The internet is booming with the various social media models and trying to connect with customers can be difficult. The bad fact about the internet is that there are always rumors which can cause the business to lose many customers. As a result, the number of people who leave a business online due to stories that are untrue is always high. There is always going to be that one person or business that says something that is not true and it makes its way all the way around while losing business on the way around.


If you are at all familiar with Lime Crime, you know how proud she is of her unicorns. Im not talking about the mystical creatures but of the followers of her makeup line. She is inspired by them and hopes to continue on making people adventurous, brave and their own individual self.

A renamed Obsidian Energy Sees Brighter Days Ahead

Formerly known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd., Obsidian Energy is an oil and gas mid-sized company based in Canada. Thanks to company’s evenly-balanced portfolio of good-quality assets, the company boasts a daily output of 30000 Barrel of Oil Equivalents (BOE). The values that drive the business are burning passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, high accountability to stakeholders and discipline. Working from this stand the company has also built a stable organizational structure that has facilitated a steady output of high volumes of BOE.


Explaining the change of name, the management posts on their website that the corporation went through substantial alterations in every aspect of its structure that affected all parts of its business. Obsidian thus culminated in the change of its identity and also leading the leadership to define where it would move from there. The company claims to have come out stronger and more versatile than before and promises even higher efficiency and performance in its new identity as Obsidian Energy.

The Company, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, where most of its oil and gas fields are, was among the S&P/TSX 60, the most substantial top 60 companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Between 2005-2011 the company attained a pinnacle market capitalization of $9.5 billion.

Located in the region that ranks top among the world’s deposits of oil, the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the company’s location allows future expansion and growth.


In a notice to the shareholders, David French, the Obsidian Energy’s President, and its CEO said that the firm was at a good point given its right assets, a promising balance sheet and a hedging strategy that was prudent and unique.


Obsidian has sustained its listing at New York Stock Exchange and at Toronto Stock Exchange remarkably surviving the slump of oil prices that hit the petroleum market in the years preceding 2010. In a demonstration of the promise for brighter days ahead, the company has steadily grown and expanded its assets since the new CEO took over. The President says the Obsidian Energy would be sustaining a prudent decision-making to build and sustain its share value and market share. Visit This Site for more info.


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Obsidian Energy Embraces Change And Perfects Its Operations

Obsidian Energy is a company that operates from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. The company deals in the line of natural resources but majors in producing oil and natural gas. It formerly functioned as Penn West Petroleum Limited and acquired the current name in 2017.


The headquarters of the company borders areas that are rich in petroleum oil. The company is built on the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This proximity has contributed largely to the success of this company. The contractors have been able to save on costs involved in transporting tools and workmen who assist in drilling.


While functioning as Penn West Petroleum Limited, the company made huge profit turnovers that earned them a position in the New York Stock Exchange Market. This was possible because of how the managers of different departments organized their employees who maximized productivity. Right now the company still operates on its high standards and have managed to be the leading in the stock exchange markets.


David French, who is the company’s current chief executive officer, has reported that the company is now receiving more investors and shareholders compared to their previous records. Similarly, Obsidian Energy has also increased in the selling of its assets. The sales have raised the profits earned by the company by far much higher percentages. Canada as an economy has equally benefited since the country gets a fair share of these profits through taxes and other deductions.


Changing the name of the company was only for the good. Evidently, The Company has managed to pull a larger teamwork of employees. The numbers have increased by a percentage of more than fifty. Having employees who are well coordinated and experienced is what every company needs for it to thrive in its activities. Employees have worked persistently to ensure that the company meets its target within the time frames that they set at the beginning of each financial year. The transition has also helped in marketing the company due to the improvements that David French has put forward. Read More On This Page.


It is good to embrace change for the new opportunities provide chances for one to do better. It is gospel truth that Obsidian is now making ginormous advances since the change.