Lincolnshire Management

This Private Equity firm was founded in 1986 with the aim of channeling funds towards the development of middle-level market companies. With over 30 years in business, the company has successfully managed to invest in more than 85 acquisitions as detailed here.

Lincolnshire Management team comprises of 20 professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the company invests wisely to avoid any operational mishaps. The collective effort of the management team has enabled them to grow consistently in the three decades that they have been in business. There are also a number of principals, associates, and analysts who work hand-in-hand with the team to ensure that they deliver as per the company’s targets and expectations as detailed in this post

The Investment Approach of Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management implies a creative approach before they indulge in any investment. The operational team ensures that the investments undertaken meet the need of sponsors, management, and any other important stakeholders as detailed here. This approach has enabled Lincolnshire to effectively solve unique challenges that they are presented with, in the private equity industry. The company looks for profitable companies in the industry who have the potential for growth. With a creative approach, they have been able to lead these companies towards unimaginable financial success.

Lincolnshire’s Value Creation Approach

Lincolnshire Management practices an intensive investment approach. This has enabled the company to provide handy solutions to the operational and management problems that their acquisition companies face. Over the years, the professionals of Lincolnshire Management have come up with models that have led to the growth of the company’s revenue and earnings.

Furthermore, the company is open to development ideas from their partners. They often organize forums where important stakeholders come up with suggestions on how they can improve the company’s operations and as a result create more revenue. During these forums, a devoted team of senior managers formulate solutions to the operational challenges that existing portfolio companies face. This move has enabled the company to stay updated on what needs to be done for a successful take over in the private equity industry as shown here.

The success of Lincolnshire Management can be attributed to its collaborative investment approach. This has made the company to make profits that couldn’t have otherwise been made if the investments were done in a rush.

The SEC Whistleblower Program has Hit $262 Million Awards Since 2012

Over some time now, whistleblowers have helped save investors millions of dollars by reporting fraudulent dealings in their companies to the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC). To such companies, the whistleblowers are seen as evil people with intent to bring them down, but to the investors, the whistleblowers are their heroes.

There are many cases which have been reported to SEC; some are pending while others have been determined so far. Companies and employees who are found to be culpable for such securities laws violations are fined heavily. For instance, in March 29th 2019 SEC announced its biggest-ever whistleblower settlement. The settlement which involved Dodd-Frank was for a tune of $50 million awards shared by two whistleblowers and another third whistleblower was awarded more than $33 million. SEC’s previous highest whistleblower settlement was in 2014 for $30 million.

Speaking about the awards, SEC’s Chief of the Whistleblower, Jane Norberg reiterated that the awards are a demonstration that whistleblowers can provide the Commission with crucial information that can help them pursue and remedy gross violations that can otherwise go unnoticed. She went on to say that the awards should act as an encouragement for others with information about securities law violations by individuals and their respective companies to step forward and help give the information in order to stop such violations.

So far, since its first whistleblower award in 2012, SEC has issued over $262 million to 53 whistleblowers. These awards are made out of Congress-established investor protection fund. This fund is financed entirely via monetary sanctions SEC receives from the violators of securities laws.

Whistleblowers are eligible for such payments when they provide original, true and smoking-gun information that can help prosecute the violators of securities laws by themselves or through a SEC Whistleblower lawyer. The role of whistleblowers has become important in ensuring that investors’ money is protected and is not used by scrupulous company employees for their own personal benefits. The fear of whistleblowers has at least helped curtail company maleficence when it comes to securities.

The whistleblower awards normally range between 10 to 30 percent of the collected monetary sanctions when they exceed $1 million. AS per the above case of sharing the $50 million award, it can be noted that whistleblowers can report jointly and can share the settlement equally or as it may be determined.

Whistleblowers are protected by law hence SEC does not reveal the identity of the whistleblowers unless they want their names to be made public. In their dealings, SEC ensures that it does not share information that can easily reveal the identity of the whistleblowers as this can jeopardize their lives.

Marc Beer’s Contribution in Biotechnology

Marc Beer, the former CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, has ventured into another pharmaceutical start-up named Renovia Inc. his new venture is anticipated to move forward some new products aimed at aiding people suffering from pelvic floor disorders worth $32 million with an additional 10 million venture debt. Among the diagnostic-therapeutic products manufactured by the company include those curbing urinary incontinence. The Boston- based biotech company has invested in research on urinary incontinence, which is estimated to affect over 250 million women worldwide through the innovation of its new product Leva, which was approved by FDA in April.

Renova’s Investments in Biotechnology

Renovia has attracted investors such as Longwood Fund, which is a healthcare investment firm that joined the series B round. The research into the financing was led by the New York-based advisors as well as Missouri- based Ascension Ventures. The venture is projected to be directed at developing and testing therapeutic and diagnostic products, which include Leva device. The device is anticipated to be distributed worldwide to women and people who are affected by pelvic floor disorders.

Marc Beer says that the company is thrilled to have the support of notable healthcare investors. Renovia associates with companies, which share the same vision for better diagnosis and treatment of patients. The combined efforts directed toward improving the lives of women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. The efforts are anticipated to give patients data on traditional and new treatment options, which help patients to have enough understanding of the pelvic floor disorder, thus, reducing the costs associated with the disease.

Marc Beer’s Previous Careers

Marc Beer will bring more experience to the new venture since he has been in the development and commercialization of biotechnology for more than 25 years. Renovia is the first investment he has been involved since his time at Aegerion. Previously, he had worked with Ovascience, which has merged with Michigan-based Millendo Therapeutics. Moreover, Marc Beer became the founding director of ViaCell in April 2000. The biotech company specializes in the collection, development, and preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. The company has been rapidly growing in the commercialization of biotechnology products in the past seven years.

While serving at ViaCell, Marc Beer was one of the boards of directors at Erytech Pharma, which is a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company. Besides, working at ViaCell, Marc Beer held various positions at Genzyme, a biotech company that specializes in the commercialization of various products that are used to treat rare diseases affecting people all over the globe. Marc Beer also served as a member of the Mass Life Science Board and other emerging biotechnology companies, which improve the living standards of people around the globe. Learn more:

Everything You Need To Know About Ryan Seacrest

You can see Ryan Seacrest in almost all the media platforms. He is one of the most recognizable face and voice in the American entertainment scene. Although he is often associated with television and radio, he also does different things away from the spotlight. Here’s everything you need to know about Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest is widely known as a host in the popular singing competition “American Idol”. He is also one of the hosts in the morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” since May 1, 2017. Along with his TV stints, he also hosts the radio show “American Top 40” and “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on KIIS-FM.

For those who don’t know yet, Seacrest is also a producer and had produced a lot of tv shows. Seacrest won an Emmy award for producing “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” back in 2010. He is also the host and the executive producer of ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest”. He launched the Ryan Seacrest Productions which already produced a lot of movies since 2006. Among the tv shows produced is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, “E! Live from the Red Carpet”, “Shahs of Sunset”, and “I Love Kellie Pickler”.

Ryan Seacrest is also a man dedicated to the fashion world. He founded the Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a leading menswear lifestyle brand which is known for its iconic looks. The collection includes men’s tailored clothing, outerwear, sweaters, accessories, pants, and more. The collection was available exclusively at Macy’s stores.

Seacrest also co-founded “Polished” with Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. It is a brand that offers quality skin care for men. The partnership began last 2014 and has been a successful brand ever since. Along with this, he also has endorsements in brands like Coca-Cola and Ford.

He is also the founder of the Seacrest Studios, which is aimed to help patients in the pedriatic hospitals heal via television, radio, new media and more. It also offers interviews, live performances, educational shows and DJ shows. Patients can also create their own entertainment masterpieces using the green screen in present in the studios.

Lincolnshire Management Team’s Approach to Creative Investment

The Lincolnshire Management private equity firm was founded in 1986 and involves itself in investment in middle market firms. In the last three decades, the Lincolnshire Management company has invested heavily in a multitude of industries, making over 85 acquisitions. The management team uses a shared effort approach in making private equity investments, relying heavily on its experiences in the many industries.

Lincolnshire Management equity firms fund is over$1.7 billion under administration, and this figure also reflects the recent$835 million Lincolnshire IV equity fund. Previous funds II and III have ranked in the top quartile of overall private equity funds. The firm has its headquarters in New York, with a Chicago regional office.

The management structure of the firm has bold investment criteria, both defined by creativity and flexibility. The firm’s approach to investment transactions is structured to meet stakeholder requirements. Coupled with a broad investment portfolio, this provides room to manoeuvre and respond to challenges the industry experiences. The Lincolnshire Management team is always ready to avail resources for its projects financing success.

The firm seeks opportunities in profitable and growing industries, with an open-minded goal to invest in niche production, distribution channels, and service companies. The Lincolnshire Management teamlooks for certain prequalification before putting up the money. The management searches for characteristics of sound management, unique competitive advantages present, customer diversification, profitability margins and the opportunity for future growth in the industry

Earlier in 2013, Lincolnshire Management purchasedHolley from Monomoy Capital Partners. The auto part making company is based inBowling Green and runs an operation making and selling car parts under several brand names. The Lincolnshire Management team backed the initial purchase using theEquity IV Fund. Under the firm’s management, Holey completed an add-on deal, buying car parts dealer MSDP Group in 2015.

In 2018 Lincolnshire Management sold the Holley Performance Products Inc affiliate to Sentinel Capitals. Lincoln Management team looks to have almost tripled its initial investment in this transaction, although financial terms reached between the two private equity firms remain undisclosed. Sentinel will now combine Holley with other driven performance brands it has in its portfolio.

HCR Wealth Advisors: An End to Athletes Going Broke

Professional athletes get the glory and the money. Its tragic, however, that many professional athletes have salaries that most average people couldn’t imagine making and yet they still wind up broke by the time they can no longer compete. An athlete usually doesn’t have a long career and so they should take prudent steps early in their career to ensure that they don’t end up another sad statistic. One of the steps they should consider is to seek the advice of a wealth management firm like HCR Wealth Advisors so that their money can last them after their sports career is over. We’re all familiar with stories about athletes who started out with humble beginnings and were able to make a name for themselves due to their athletic ability. Athletes who end up forgetting to plan for their financial future can be caught in a financial storm that will ruin their lives.

As soon as an athlete goes pro, they should consider seeking a wealth management advisor and not wait until they have furthered their athletic career. HCR Wealth Advisors works with high net worth clients, like athletes, as well as their families. the firm believes that if the athlete has the support of their family and they start worrying about preserving their wealth early on, it is more likely the athlete and their family will enjoy the benefits of all their hard work.

Sports teams and leagues now encourage and work with their athletes by linking them with financial advisors like HCR Wealth Advisors, who can work with athletes to develop personal long-term financial goals. The company has experience working with athletes, so they can understand and are familiar with the common mistakes often made by professional athletes. Many athletes lack the understanding of how to properly invest their money. They often choose higher risk investments and may end up losing their money. They may make extravagant purchases like expensive cars that lose value every year and they may fail to plan for tax season. HCR Wealth Advisors believes in educating these athletes in making wiser investment choices and teach them about proper money management. Proper wealth management will keep professional athletes from finding themselves in financial turmoil.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Dick DeVos: A Devoted Leader

Dick DeVos: A Reformer

Dick DeVos led a campaign to prevent a sports facility from being constructed outside the central business district of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1991. Mr. DeVos felt that a multi-purpose facility outside the business district of the city would be detrimental for the economic growth of Grand Rapids. His campaign against the idea is what caused the formation of Grand Action, which is a team of business leaders. These individuals were the primary force that led to the construction of many buildings in Grand Rapids, which include the DeVos Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, the Van Andel Arena, and Michigan State University’s medical school.


Dick DeVos is married to the United States Education Sectary, Betsy DeVos. The couple are heirs to family fortunes and have worked diligently to reform a number of institutions and policies. They are GOP donors, and their political influence has sparked significant changes in state laws regarding labor and education. Ms. DeVos has fought for the expansion of charter schools through the educational reform movement, and Mr. DeVos developed a law that changed Michigan from an organized labor state to a right-to-work state.


One of the couple’s biggest initiatives has been educational reform. The family is devoted to giving parents more educational choices for their children through tax-funded vouchers. Their advocacy has helped 24 states and the District of Columbia offer vouchers for private schools.


The Couple’s Generous Donations

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has donated an estimated $138.7 million from 1989 to 2015. These donations were made to a number of causes that include leadership programs, health and human services, arts and culture, scholarships for private schools, and initiatives for educational reform. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos also made the top donation of $12.5 million to help construct a children’s hospital at the Spectrum Health System. The children’s hospital has been beneficial for families in the area because they no longer have to travel to Chicago or Ann Arbor to seek treatment for their children.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy: A Charter School Founded by Mr. DeVos

In 2010, Mr. DeVos started the West Michigan Aviation Academy at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Since the school opened, it has grown from 80 students to more than 600 students from all over Michigan. The school is tuition-free and is funded with a $7,500 per-student allowance from the state. However, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos donated more than $7 million in 2014 to the charter high school, which includes a $3 million no-interest loan.


Read to learn more.

The Philanthropic Activities Of Stream Energy And Stream Cares

Stream Energy launched its own arm for philanthropic activities entitled Stream Cares. While the launch of a separate branch for philanthropy is a relatively new phenomenon, for Stream energy it simply symbolizes a way to formalize their ongoing activities, as they have been engaged in charity giving since their inception.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Stream Energy was one of the first to stand up and help fund the recovery as well as ease the financial burden of their customers. Hurricane Harvey inflicted damage of $125 billion and it was the first major hurricane to cause landfall in the United States since 2005.

Stream also helped with a rapid response in the case of the tornadoes that touched down in North Texas in 2016, the day after Christmas. The company worked directly with the Salvation Army, and their associates raised thousands of dollars for those who lost their homes and their businesses. Stream Energy provided essential services and matched the funds raised, doubling the donations that were brought in by their associates. The Dallas-based company also has a long-term relationship with the Red Cross and with Habitat for Humanity.

One particular issue that Stream monitors closely is the homelessness in the Dallas area. Together with Hope Supply Co., the company and its associates organize the annual Splash for Hope. The event is designed to bring homeless children from the Dallas area to a local water park, allowing Stream Energy employees and leadership to give them an experience of a lifetime as well as supply and money. Hope Supply Co. also routinely offers clothing, diapers, and school supplies to homeless children, Stream having a partnership with the organization for more than 4 years.

Stream is also responsible for organizing the Operation Once in a Lifetime event, helping provide moral and financial support to veterans from the Dallas area. Kimberly Girard, the senior event manager of Stream noted that the company is an organization with heart, and that they plan to consistently identify new ways that tie in with the effort of their associates to give back to the community.

Malcolm CasSelle Provides Insight Into His Work Ethic

In a recent interview Malcolm CasSelle, CIO for OPSkins and president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, spoke about how his ideas are formed. A known international entrepreneur, businessman, and innovator CasSelle has been part of major developments within the tech world. An early investor in Bitcoin, Zynga, and Facebook CasSelle’s storied career has taken him to China and back. A graduate of both Stanford and MIT CasSelle’s highest degree is a master’s in computer science. His most recent interest has been in the developing tend of blockchain tech, tech that he has utilized in the formation of new P2P network WAX.

According to CasSelle he devotes his afternoons to ideas. His mornings are spent focusing on the various business affairs his job mandates. “I look at the problem backwards,” CasSelle said, “In this way I know where to start.” He also relies heavily on collaboration. The moment he forms a new idea he loops other people into it. Individuals who either have experience with the idea, or who can contribute to the idea. He is an ardent supporter of tossing ideas around with deliberation and discussion. This all happens because of his mastery of time management, which according to him is the best attribute to learn.

The WAX platform operates within a specific network of games. It allows cross-game trading for players and uses blockchain tech to provide necessary security. The platform allows gamers an actual return of investment on their digital wares, and could be a turning point of the virtual currency industry itself. CasSelle believes that it is the future. “Blockchain tech is essentially internet 3.0.” CasSelle stated.

OPSkins has benefitted more than once from CasSelles’s innovation, as his investment in Bitcoin made them the largest merchant of the digital money worldwide. WAX could be another that propels to even more success. CasSelle is certainly excited about it. According to him ideas like WAX can only be fully realized if you work in reverse. He looks at problems from the end to the beginning in order to see just how the process needs to start to reach the outcome that he wants. So far, it has not failed him yet.

Get Superior Gold Buying Options With The USMR Network

Are you interested in starting a coin collection? Are you interested in the finest precious metals available in the network? The US Reserve are known as the Gold Authority® network.

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The goal is to help more individuals with their interest in owning gold for the first time. Diehl is the former director of the US Mint. The USMR also has a unique coin collection box that goes along with each selection. Today, thousands of individuals can use their gold to improve their portfolio.

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Rare Coin Is Delegated To The Queen

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