Malcolm CasSelle Provides Insight Into His Work Ethic

In a recent interview Malcolm CasSelle, CIO for OPSkins and president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, spoke about how his ideas are formed. A known international entrepreneur, businessman, and innovator CasSelle has been part of major developments within the tech world. An early investor in Bitcoin, Zynga, and Facebook CasSelle’s storied career has taken him to China and back. A graduate of both Stanford and MIT CasSelle’s highest degree is a master’s in computer science. His most recent interest has been in the developing tend of blockchain tech, tech that he has utilized in the formation of new P2P network WAX.

According to CasSelle he devotes his afternoons to ideas. His mornings are spent focusing on the various business affairs his job mandates. “I look at the problem backwards,” CasSelle said, “In this way I know where to start.” He also relies heavily on collaboration. The moment he forms a new idea he loops other people into it. Individuals who either have experience with the idea, or who can contribute to the idea. He is an ardent supporter of tossing ideas around with deliberation and discussion. This all happens because of his mastery of time management, which according to him is the best attribute to learn.

The WAX platform operates within a specific network of games. It allows cross-game trading for players and uses blockchain tech to provide necessary security. The platform allows gamers an actual return of investment on their digital wares, and could be a turning point of the virtual currency industry itself. CasSelle believes that it is the future. “Blockchain tech is essentially internet 3.0.” CasSelle stated.

OPSkins has benefitted more than once from CasSelles’s innovation, as his investment in Bitcoin made them the largest merchant of the digital money worldwide. WAX could be another that propels to even more success. CasSelle is certainly excited about it. According to him ideas like WAX can only be fully realized if you work in reverse. He looks at problems from the end to the beginning in order to see just how the process needs to start to reach the outcome that he wants. So far, it has not failed him yet.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Success


Richard Liu Qiangdong started over ten years ago. He is the CEO of this company which is the largest online retailer in China currently. Richard Liu has come a long way from where he first started in business in 1998.

Richard Liu grew up poor with his family, and they owned a small business.

This was his introduction to the business world. During his college years to make more money for his low-income family, he opened up a restaurant in Beijing. Unfortunately, due to him not being able to spend enough time there, the restaurant failed.

In spite of the failure, Richard Liu did not allow the setback to slow him down. He opened up one retail store and only sold computer accessories called Jingdong Mall. Jingdong ended up doing very well, and he was able to open another 11 stores eventually.

As SARS took over the news and spotlight of China during this time, he conducted meetings with his managers trying to find a way to survive during this severe time. Liu made sure all of his employees were at home, and the managers were the only ones in the stores during the virus outbreak. The idea to continually sell his products with easier access, even during an epidemic, is where the thought of selling online came from. Visit This Page for additional information.

For the next two years, Richard Liu and his staff kept track of the numbers and watched how logistics, customer satisfaction, and efficiency made a more significant profit by stretching the business market from brick and mortar stores as well to an online market. They continued to sell IT products, but they eventually added cell phones and computers. As the company grew, they were able to add a different product every year, propelling as a contender for one of the largest businesses.

Richard Liu states that his business became so effective because they did not sell counterfeit items, they kept detailed receipts for themselves and the customers and there was a better experience overall for the customer. Today the company is worth over $60 billion and employs more than 167,000.





The Success Story of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian Investor born in 1947 in Curitiba Brazil. He later studied Engineering in the most competitive Federal University of Parana, the only school offering Engineering in the whole of Santa Catering and Parana states. He studied Engineering for two years and later changed to economics at the same university. After finishing his studies in 1970, he joined an investment bank.

Igor portfolio rose in 1974 to the board of directors. He rose again to the position of Chief Executive Officer after two years. Igor Cornelsen later joined the Brazilian Unibanco which was a leading corporation in Brazil. He worked with this organization from1978 to 1985. Igor then joined the Libra bank PLC, a London Merchant bank. Igor was paid so well thus creating a different investment opportunity. He served in this bank for sometimes before agreeing with his associates to leave Libra bank to join the starboard chartered Merchant Bank. Igor Worked in this bank as a member of a director’s board member and also as a delegate in brazil Country. It was not until 1995 when he began to work on his firm. He founded the Bainbridge Group Inc. He uses the firm for all transactions on the real estate investment.

His firm majors in advising managers on the safe ways of sourcing for information. He also discovered that there is an excellent gain in reading information on investment and avoiding working on other’s opinions. Igor advises that one of the best ways of gathering information is through the realtors. He plays a vital role in making managers understand the importance of having the right investment information. His experience as an investment banker helped him to gain a rich understanding of managing stock exchange funds. Igor spends most of his time gathering information from the developing economy in different countries. That helps him in developing his business ideas. He also spends like following the international news which allows him in updating his fund’s portfolio.

Posted in CEO Is Always Looking For Ways To Continue To Innovate In The Area Of Logistics, China’s retail giant and largest e-commerce operation, has had a lot of interesting news that has come out lately. Among this list of exciting news stories is the fact that is going to launch a brand new Xiongan based center for research.


The center will focus on the development of technology of an automated nature that will benefit the logistical networks of Chinese smart cities. This exciting announcement was made by officials at the 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit. The new center is known as the Urban Smart Logistics Institute. This center is going to place is focus on the task of the detailed planning for logistics hubs in urban areas where the business is consistently getting busier every year.


There are a number of prestigious institutions that stand as founding members for the new center. These institutions include Shanghai Maritime University and the Municipal Engineering Design Institute of Shanghai. The possibilities of logistics systems that operate underground are going to be a major focus of the work conducted at the institute. Features such as municipal pipe corridors and tracks of a subterranean nature are all being looked at for how they can be utilized for the purpose of logistics. The removal of many logistical systems from spaces above ground has many benefits, one of which is a more pleasing aesthetic. Go To This Page for more information.


A significant factor about is the fact that it operates a logistics network that is owned by the company itself and operates on an entire nation basis. A fulfilment center that runs an entirely automated way is a major accomplishment of the impressive logistics capabilities that JD is known for. These kinds of innovative logistical methods have been a significant contributing factor in the growth that has led to become a world-leading retail firm.


Source:’s Dominance In Thailand E-Market

Two years ago, surprised the world with a big investment to a less known Indonesian e-market. The investment, which was one of the most discussed in the economic forums, became the most successful entity in the e-commerce market. In the past few months, made another entry to another Southeast market-Thailand. Thailand is a more conservative e-market compared to other countries. The firm, which is JD Central, is the first of the kind in Thailand. The platform, which is an effort from the global giant and with Central Group, is a trendsetter in many commercial angles. Unexpectedly after just some few months of operation, JD Central is the most efficient e-commerce platform in Thailand.


Like other entities in Southeast Asia owned by, JD Central is a leader in terms of the variety of goods sold. The platform has all the commodities a typical Thai consumer needs. These commodities range from high-quality electronics, different brands of home appliances and most importantly, fast-moving consumer goods. The platform sources the products from all around the world, and this gives the primary consumer a variety to choose. There are goods from Europe, China and even from the USA. However, quality is however unmatched. Refer to This Article for more information.


After purchasing from JD Central, delivery is fast. It is one of the fastest in Thailand. The fast delivery timelines are mainly because the entity has the infrastructure especially big warehouses. In cases where there is a need to source facilities from other entities, the platform has good relations with supportive industry, especially transport. The platform is moving to a future where a client can receive goods within a one-day. Some of the preparation the owned company is making includes expanding the storage capacity in major Thailand towns.


Since JD is a customer-centered company, it has one of the most efficient customer care services. In e-commerce transactions, customer’s concerns are paramount. With this knowledge, the company has invested heavily in customer service. In case a customer has an issue or questions, the response is always timely and helpful. The approach to customer’s concern explains the significant growth in the last few months’ sales. Regardless of the sales value, a customer’s opinion is much valued.


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Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

It can be very stressful as a mother when your child doesn’t feel well because of teething. There isn’t a whole lot that you can do to alleviate tooth pain. Most parents want to stay away from pain relievers and other medications. A natural option is much safer. When teething is getting the best of your child and you as a parent, you can turn to hyland’s teething tablets for relief. You will have your little angel back to normal in no time at all.


hyland’s was created back in 1903 by George Hyland. The brand was also a homeopathic option for issues relating to pain, allergies, inflammation and illness. Our society seems to ebb and flow when it comes to homeopathic medicine. hyland’s has withstood the test of time. They are still incredibly successful and popular among parents and adults. Many children have found teething relief thanks to hyland’s teeth-related tablets.


A lot of research goes into the composition and production of Hyland’s products. Customer feedback is also incredibly important. New products have been developed in the past because of the need for relief. There’s no need for a child to suffer at a young age every time they pop a new tooth through their gums. The ingredients in these tablets alleviate pain and help soothe the area of the new tooth.


hyland’s tooth tablets are designed to provide pain relief to your child when they are in the midst of teething. This is a brand of products that you can trust to help your child feel better, but help them feel better in a way that is safe and drug-free. hyland’s also offers a wide variety of other products for both children and adults, for a variety of different ailments and issues.

Jason Hope’s philanthropy to SENS foundation targets new anti-aging solutions

Jason Hope is one of America’s passionate entrepreneurs who have a strong liking to technology and philanthropy. The passionate researcher also researches and writes on the Internet of Things and has, on numerous occasions, published his works on prominent blogs and sites. Based in Arizona, Jason Hope also has a passion for politics and has dedicated most of his time thereof.

Jason Hope’s ideology and approach to philanthropy focus on working and partnering with organizations that conduct researches into human-related issues, especially those targeting improving livelihoods and curing diseases. One of these companies that he has been working within his philanthropy projects is the SENS foundation. SENS foundation has, since its foundation, been working towards establishing a permanent solution for aging-related conditions. The organization’s approach to research work on aging and its remedies is quite revolutionary and has attracted the interest of Jason Hope. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

Hope recently offered a $500,000 donation to the foundation to further its mission of finding a cure and remedy to aging-related diseases. According to the organization’s statement, Hope’s donations would go towards meeting its mandate in coming up with a viable solution to medical issues related to Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

His passion to fight regenerative conditions among the elderly and aging in the society has driven his move to channel his funds to the organization. Speaking in an interview, Jason Hope made it clear that the hope of finding a permanent solution was by far much alive thanks to the various biotechnological innovations that the SENS foundation had come up with.

Although Hope is not overly thrilled by writing on subjects that are related to aging or science in general, his passion and philanthropy in the field are derived from the multiple possibilities that innovative thinking coupled with science can provide. As a futurist, he believes that the power of automation and innovation is the most likely solution to most of humanity’s health issues. By making resources available to the researchers, Jason Hope throws down the gauntlet to researchers. According to Hope’s intent, the resources, when put to good use, may present viable findings. Visit:

Steam Energy continues to give back to its community

Everyone knows that corporate America has an image problem. Many people hear about the scandals, which reporters are more than happy to expose. Few people hear about the generous giving the corporations make. Corporations give over $19 billion dollars annually to national and international causes, according to the Dallas Patch. Steam energy is no different than other companies in this required.

While philanthropy is known to be an effective marketing technique, it is also a good way to protect against controversy. While this is true, no on at Dallas-based Steam Energy. When Hurricane Harvey stalled over the state of Texas, it did not matter who needed help. Unlike Joel Osteen, who refused to open his mega church building to flood victims, the direct selling energy company made sure to help its friends or neighbors. It did not matter if they were customers or not. The company knew people needed help. Stream Energy distributed clean bottles of water and assisted in food distribution to victims.

The company goes beyond merely helping those who are afflicted by a natural disaster. A company helping a community and its workers after a disaster simply makes sense. The company also helps people who do not have jobs or home. Stream Energy regularly contributes to homeless shelters with funding. Clothes and food vouchers. To further its philanthropic goals, the company has fostered relationships with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Stream Energy believes in giving back to the communities where in which it operates. It also believes in providing as much clean, renewable energy as possible. While Texas is known as an oil state, Stream Energy also knows that it should be good stewards of the Earth. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels does not mean that the fuels are eliminated entirely. Fossil fuels are still an inexpensive source of energy.

National Steel Car Lands New Contracts Under The Management Of Gregory Aziz


National Steel Car has landed an order for the production of a new grain hopper car. This new rail car is going to be lighter and shorter than previous cars. It will also allow for farmers to be able to ship up to 10% more in each car. With the new cars in production, the older model cars will begin to phase out completely. Prior to the order of the cars, the average of fleet cars ranged at over 30 years on the rail.

Gregory Aziz is the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car. It has been under his direction that large orders have been in the works for the rail manufacturer. With the new production under way for over 1000 initial grain hopper cars to be made, the overall order will compromise of close to 6000 rail cars. That is just the order for the grain hopper cars.

Greg James Aziz has been hard at work to keep the company in high standings and living up to its expectations. The company has carried a reputation for delivering their rail cars on time and with high quality behind them. With the help of Greg Aziz, the company has been able to bring home the TTX SECO award for over a decade.

Along with the order for the grain hopper cars, Greg James Aziz has been able to also land a contract for the production of more than 300 lumber cars. With the growing demand of lumber, there is a higher need of cars to carry the lumber to yards and customers. These rail cars will also join a fleet of newly leased locomotives.

National Steel Car will require more employees to work out of the Hamilton assembly plant with these new orders being placed. It will allow for the economy to grow and overall help with the number of people who are unemployed. The order does not just put people to work in the assembly plant but also for the rail line itself. There will be new positions open at the rail yards and those who will work for the rail line. View Related Info Here.

Overall, with the new bill being passed that has allowed for rail transportation to be modernized, there is a high demand for new rail cars to be made. With National Steel Car being the largest manufacturer across the country, they will keep busy working to release the rail cars in a timely manner to keep up with the deadlines set out in the contracts.

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